GYS Avishkar Awards 2024

A Summer Activity on Innovation

Rewards for both Students and Teachers!

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About the Competition

GYS Avishkar Awards is a National Science Projects Competition for students from classes 6 to 12.

The objective is to identify and promote demonstrable innovative ideas that could create impact on the soceity as well as having potential to market.

Most of the Science Competitions happen between October and January in an Academic Year. And, understandably, these Competitions give prizes to Students. So, these Aavishkar Awards are designed with two unique features...

  • First, Students and Teachers can utilize Summer holidays to develop the Project comfortably.
  • Second, the Awards also Recognise and Reward Guide Teachers.

This competition is Totally Online. So, you develop project at home.

Projects are submitted in Video format. It will be fun in Summer. By the way, do read Competition Terms & Conditions as well as Project Submission Format below. We have given even the Evaluation Criteria to help you present a Winning Project.

However, to put simply, the submission should be a 3 to 7 minutes video of demonstration of an idea, model, or a prototype with voice explanation. Of course, it should be an original idea of the student. The video is expected to cover the Problem, the Solution, and its marketability, preferably. The video should have a Cover Page, Titles, and perhaps, a Last Page.

The selection process involves two phases.

  • Phase 1: Preliminary Screening
  • Phase 2: Online Demonstration

In Preliminary Screening, a Panel of Judges reviews Projects submitted online and would Shortlist 100 Entries.

In Online Demonstration, students present the Shortlisted Projects online to another Panel of Judges. They Select 13 Winners.

Theme for 2024: Low Cost Grassroots Innovation

  • Low Cost: The working model or prototype should be within a budget of Rs. 5,000.
  • Grassroots: In this context, the idea or the solution is expected to solve a problem, an issue, a challenge of a common man or a household. Not industrial solutions.
  • Innovation: Something new or improved that has value, whether it be a product, service, process, technology, or an idea.

Revised Schedule for 2024 Awards...

Awards Announcement: 21-Apr-2024

Start Date for Project Submission: 10-May-2024

Last Date for Project Submission: 31-Jul-2024 (revised)

Phase 1 - Preliminary Screening: 01-Aug-2024 to 14-Aug-2024

Phase 2 - Online Project Demos: 26-Aug-2024 to 31-Aug-2024

Winners Announcement: 02-Sep-2024

Awards Ceremony: 13-Sep-2024 (tentative)

Note: Any changes in schedule would be announced here as well as in GETA_Young_Scientist Telegram Channel.


  • First Prize: Rs. 30,000 cash award, Print Certificates, Trophies
  • First Prize Student: Rs. 20,000 cash award
  • First Prize Guide Teacher: Rs. 10,000 cash award
  • Second Prize: Rs. 25,000 cash award, Print Certificates, Trophies
  • Second Prize Student: Rs. 15,000 cash award
  • Second Prize Guide Teacher: Rs. 10,000 cash award
  • Third Prize: Rs. 20,000 cash award, Print Certificates, Trophies
  • Third Prize Student: Rs. 10,000 cash award
  • Third Prize Guide Teacher: Rs. 10,000 cash award
  • 10 Consolation Prizes: Rs. 2,500 cash award each and Print Certificates
  • Consolation Prize Student: Rs. 1,500 cash award
  • Consolation Prize Guide Teacher: Rs. 1,000 cash award

[ SUBMIT Project ]

Competition Terms & Conditions

  • Students from Class 6 to Class 12 can participate.
  • Students from Government, Aided, Corporate and Private Schools can participate.
  • A Project may be submitted by one student or two students. Maximum team size is two. In case the team wins a prize, Cash Award and Trophy are given to the First Student (deemed to be Team Leader), Certificates are given to both students.
  • One student can participate in one Project ONLY.
  • There must be a Guide Teacher for each Project submission. However, one Guide Teacher may guide multiple Projects.
  • Project submitted should be Student's own Idea & Solution. Should not be copied from someone else.
  • If the Idea/Project was already selected/exhibited at a State-level event previously, then it should not be submitted in this competition. However, if it was previously presented at School, Mandal, or up to District level only, then it may be submitted.
  • Language for submission is English or Hindi as per the Project Submission Format defined in the next section.
  • There is NO ENTRY FEE to participate in this Competition.
  • Competition schedule and announcements are published on Avishkar Awards website.
  • Evaluation or disqualification of Projects will be done by a Panel of Educators and Eminent Personalities. Decision of the Panel would be final.
  • 13 Prizes are announced subjected to a minimum of 300 qualified project submissions for a reasonable competition level. If less, the number of Awards may be reduced. Decision of the Panel would be final.
  • Results will be published on Avishkar Awards website. Winners will be intimated via phone and email.
  • Winners would be invited to Awards Ceremony that would be announced by Results Date. Travel Expenses would be reimbursed by GETA Service Trust for the First Three Winners (only) up to Rs. 5,000 or actuals, which ever is lower.

Project Submission Format

  • Project submission is in Video Format online. Video has to be submitted on Avishkar Awards website.
  • Minimum length of the Project Video is 3 minutes, maximum length is 7 minutes.
  • Mazimum size of the Project Video is 100 MB.
  • You can submit only one Project Video.
  • Project Video should be a demonstration of the Idea, Model or Prototype. It should be supported by voice explanation.
  • A cover page, titles, and a last page are encouraged in the video. They would carry weightage in evaluation.
  • The video must reflect that it was made for GYS Avishkar Awards 2024 in terms of Background or by a thumbnail. This is to eliminate the possibility of old videos being dumped in this competition.
  • You would get an email acknowledgement if the submission is successful. If you do not get that email by end of next working day, contact 9966775534.

Evaluation Criteria

Qualified Project Submissions according to the Terms & Conditions above would be evaluated as per the criteria below. This information should help Students and Guide Teachers to submit with maximum conformance and improve chances of Winning. Our intent in giving this guidance is to raise the standards of Project Submissions.

  • 30 points = Problem Narration
  • Problem Clarity: What is the problem, issue, or the challenge?
  • Problem Purpose: Why do you want to address this problem? What is the motivation?
  • Problem Target Group: Who does this problem effect? How big is the Target Group?
  • 40 points = Solution Demonstration
  • Solution Relevance: How relevant is the Solution in solving the Stated Problem?
  • Solution Simplicity: How Simple or Easy is the Solution in solving the Stated Problem?
  • Solution Effectiveness: Was the Solution tried? How good are the results observed in solving the Stated Problem?
  • 10 points = Solution Marketability
  • Possible Volumes, Initial Investment, Making Costs, Break-even Volumes, Availability of Raw Materials, Skills, etc.
  • 10 points = Quality of Submission
  • Video Quality, Audio Quality, Titles, Cover Page, Last Page, Legth of the Video, as well as Clarity in details submitted in Google Form, etc.
  • Important Note: If the video does not reflect that it was made for GYS Avishkar Awards 2024, the project would be disqualified.
  • 10 points = Judge's Overall Impression

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Reference Link for Announcements: GETA_Young_Scientist Telegram Channel.

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